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STPM Physic

Dedicate to STPM candidate,matriculation student and whoever taking serious in field of physic and nature science:



First Term

Chapter 1 Physical quantities and units

Revision Chapter 1

Experiment and Project Report Format

Experiment 1 Introduction to Uncertainty Analysis

Chapter 2 Kinematics

Revision Chapter 2

Experiment 2 Kinematics

Chapter 3 Dynamics

Revision Chapter 3

Experiment 3 Dynamics

Chapter 4 Work Energy And Power

Revision Chapter 4

Chapter 5 Circular Motion

Revision Chapter 5

Chapter 6 Gravitation

Revision Chapter 6

Chapter 7 Static

Revision Chapter 7

Experiment 4 Statics

Chapter 8 Deformation of Solid

Revision Chapter 8

Chapter 9 Kinetic Theory of Gases

Revision Chapter 9

Chapter 10 Thermodynamic of Gases

Revision Chapter 10

Chapter 11 Thermal Conduction

Revision Chapter 11

Experiment 5 Heat Transfer

Second Term

Chapter 12 Electrostatic

Revision Chapter 12

Chapter 13 Capacitor

Revision Chapter 13

Experiment 6 Capacitors

Chapter 14 Electric Current

Revision Chapter 14

Chapter 15 Direct Current Circuit

Revision Chapter 15

Experiment 7 Wheatstone Bridge

Chapter 16 Magnetic Field

Revision Chapter 16

Experiment 8 Earth Magnetic Fields

Chapter 17 Magnetic Induction

Revision Chapter 17

Experiment 9 induced e.m.f click here to discuss the hands on.

Chapter 18 Alternating Current

Revision Chapter 18

Experiment 10 Reactance of Capacitor  click here to discuss the hands on.

Third Term

Chapter 19 Oscillation

Revision Chapter 19

Experiment 11 Oscillation

Chapter 20 Wave Motion

Revision Chapter 20

Chapter 21 Sound Wave

Revision Chapter 21

Experiment 12 Standing Wave

Chapter 22 Geometrical Optic

Revision Chapter 22

Experiment 13 Thin Lens

Chapter 23 Wave Optic

Revision Chapter 23

Chapter 24 Quantum Physic

Revision Chapter 24

Chapter 25 Nuclear Physic

Revision Chapter 25


15 Responses

  1. why the experiment file cannot open

  2. sir, can i know about the price for 3 term?
    Is it with the answer?

  3. Dear sir, ur notes is very useful, can we just buy the notes with answers from you?

  4. Is it possible to buy the notes from you?

  5. Can u just send all these notes to my email , I need it as it is very useful to me . Thank You

  6. terima kasih utk nota. semoga dimurahkn rezeki tuan.

  7. im stpm science student.. can you share the notes at my emel… i try to do..but, its cant send.. idont know why…help me please

  8. where chp.29 ?

  9. Great notes. Thanks =)
    Btw, Chapter 29 missing?

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