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2.2 Analysing Motion Graph



The motion graphs is a useful method of summarising the motion of an object. In the graph the nature of the motion can be seen quite clearly.


1-Displacement  – time graphs




Example 1


The following figure shows displacement – time graph of an object.



Based on the graph

(a) calculate the velocity of the object between


(i)         AB                           (ii)           BC           

(iii)       CD


(b)  describe the motion of the object  between

(i)         AB                          (ii)           BC             (iii)          CD






2- Velocity – Time graphs




Example 2


The following is the velocity-time graph of a car.


Based on the graph,


(a)           Calculate the acceleration of the car between

                 (i)           JK                          (ii)           KL         

 (iii)                LM                         (iv)            MN


(b)           State the type of motion of the car between

                (i)            JK                           (ii)           KL    

     (iii)           LM                          (iv)           MN


(c)     Calculate the total displacement travelled of the car  during

(i)   the first  10 s of motion

(ii)  the car moves with uniform velocity

(iii) the last 10 s of motion


(d)           Calculate

(i)      the total displacement for the whole journey.

(ii)  the total distance for the whole journey.


(e)           Calculate

                (i)            the average velocity

                (ii)           the average speed





The conclusion of the motion graphs Graph




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